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Institutional Framework
Friday, 05 September 2014


The Agency’s activity is closely interrelated with the activities of all institutions and organizations operating on the BiH insurance sector. In accordance to the constitutional organization of Bosnia and Herzegovina there are two institutions that exercise the supervision and regulation of the BiH insurance market and its participants on entity level - the  Insurance Supervisory Agency of Federation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Insurance Agency of Republic of Srpska.

The IABiH is responsible for drafting Entity-level laws, amendments of such laws and other legislative documents; arbitration of litigations between the entity level insurance agencies; international relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of insurance; keeping the statistics regarding the activities of the insurance markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The  Protection Fund of Federation of  Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Protection Fund of Republic of Srpska provide compensation to parties injured by uninsured or unknown motor vehicles or in cases where an insurance company providing obligatory Motor third party liability insurance is in the process of liquidation or insolvency.

The Green Card Bureau of Bosnia and Herzegovina represents BIH insurance companies within the green card system.


Institutions for Regulation and Supervision on Entity Level

Insurance Protection Funds

BiH Green Card Bureau

BiH Insurance Market Associations




Change in address
Wednesday, 07 November 2018


2018 Statistics of Insurance Market in BiH

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