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BiH Association of Insurance and Re-insurance Companies
Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Address/Head Office: Branislava Đurđeva 10, 71000 Sarajevo

Telephone, fax: 033/210-616; 033/214-292


Association of Insurance and Re-insurance Companies in BIH was founded on 2 March 2006. The Association operates within the BIH Foreign Trade Chamber. It is managed by the Presidency and the Collegiate Body of the Association’s Assembly.

Members of the Association include all insurance companies and one re-insurance company in BIH.

Association’s Activities:

  • Creation of mutual ties and exchange of members’ experience with a view to advancing and expanding the insurance and re-insurance industry;

  • Monitoring growth of the insurance and re-insurance industry, and analyzing topical issues from this sector; 

  • Starting initiatives for passage of laws and amendment of legal regulations in the area of insurance and re-insurance; standardization and alignment with the EU legislation;

  • Collaboration with domestic and foreign associations and institutions in order to enable an easier access to the international market;

  • Participation in preparations and work of mixed commissions, think-tanks, etc., with the aim of regulating the relations and protecting the members’ interests in the insurance and re-insurance operations;

  • Collaboration and provision of expert help to the Association members;

  • Preparation and distribution of available business information to the Association members; 

  • Performance of other activities within the competence and in the interest of the Association, and performance of activities entrusted to it by other bodies.




Change in address
Wednesday, 07 November 2018


2017 Statistics of Insurance Market in BiH

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