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Management Board
Wednesday, 20 September 2017


The highest management body of IABiH is the Management Board.

It consists of seven members.

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina appoints the Head of the Management Board and two members, one being the representative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and the other being the insurance expert.

Each Entity Ministries of Finance nominates one member of the Agency's Management Board selected from the Entity Ministry of Finance and one from the insurance field.

Members of the Management Board:

  1. Njegoš Pavlović, president
  2. Vera Letica, member
  3. Alma Kešo, member
  4. Snježana Rudić, member
  5. Slaven Dujaković, member
  6. Nusreta Čerkez, member
  7. Dinko Musulin, member 

The Agency is headed by Agency Director who is responsible for everyday management of the institution’s  activities. He is appointed by the Management Board, whereas the Council of Ministers makes a decision on appointment.

Agency Director is Mrs. Emina Jahić.




Change in address
Wednesday, 07 November 2018


2017 Statistics of Insurance Market in BiH

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